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Clipping Black Toenails, One Paw At A Time

Clipping black toenails on a dog can be a challenge due to the quick being completely hidden  inside the nail.  Trimming dog nails is easier if you are lucky enough to have a dog with light toenails. The quick is readily visible … Continue reading

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Shelter Dogs Waiting Patiently To Be Loved

There are millions of shelter dogs waiting patiently to be loved in every corner of this country. Many of these dogs (and cats) belonged to owners that treated them poorly or worse. Some were downright abused. These are innocent animals hoping to get a … Continue reading

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Dogs Licking Paws: Symptom Of Allergies

Did you know that dogs licking paws is usually a symptom of allergies? If you own a dog that is licking his paws continuously, chances are your dog has allergies. Owning a dog with allergies can be quite frustrating for you and very uncomfortable … Continue reading

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