Canine Vaccinations: Why So Many?

Canine vaccinations are another heated topic these days as our dogs are injected with more vaccines then ever, some with dire consequences.  What vaccinations does my dog need?  Do I listen to my vet?  Do I do my research and make an informed decision?  What do I do?  There are many dog owners who ask these questions.  Some, or should I say probably most will rely on their veterinarian’s opinion and others will question each and every vaccine.  Although I am not totally against canine vaccinations, there are many people in the dog world including experts who believe that we are overdoing it when it comes to vaccinating our beloved 4 legged friends. 

Many folks are not aware that the same vaccine dosage given to a Great Dane, is also the same dose that is given to a Min Pin or a Chihuahua!  No wonder  many of our toy and small breeds suffer and even die, from reactions to the same vaccine that is supposed to keep them healthy.  For instance, The University of Pennsylvania has pulled the Lyme Disease vaccination from their protocol years ago.  Even though many vets still offer this as an option in their vaccine protocol, many dogs are still contracting Lyme disease.  Dogs are also developing bone and joint issues which many believe are attributed to this very vaccine.  I would like to delve further into each of the major vaccines separately so as to not overwhelm the reader.  Since we are the voice for our animals, I urge each and every pet owner to do as much research into this ever so important issue and make their own decision as to what vaccines their dog may or may not need in accordance with the lifestyle that their dog lives.

Thank you Carol Morrow for this great article!

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