Not Just About Dog Food Ingredients Anymore

In my many years of dog ownership, I’m always amazed at the knowledge there is to stumble upon, not only about dog food ingredients, but the species as a whole and the industry that surrounds them.  Statistics show that even during  the worst decline in the U.S. economy, the one and only industry that had no problem in keeping up revenue was the pet industry!  People are always willing to reward their pet’s unconditional love! 

There are a barrage of treats, foods, supplements and grooming supplies on the market today for our beloved 4 legged family members.  Which brings me to an all important point I have learned as assistant manager of a quaint mom and pop pet nutrition center.  We not only have to worry about which ingredients make up our pet’s treats and food, but where and who manufactures these products.  Just look at the recalls that have plagued the industry over the last 10 years and you can surely agree it is becoming frightening!  I’ve always flipped over the treat bag and feed bag to read ingredient and guaranteed analysis’ panels, now I’m also wary of who is manufacturing same. 

For instance, I was appalled to find out that the Diamond Manufacturing facility was FDA mandated to close down their operating plant due to unsanitary conditions!  This has been on the web for all to read!  Even more shocking, was the various brands of dog and cat foods that were manufactured there.  Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance, Canidae, Taste of The Wild, Chicken Soup For The Dog Lover’s Soul, Chicken Soup For The Cat Lover’s Soul,  Kirkland,  Solid Gold, Professional, and no doubt I have left out a few.  So when there was a salmonella outbreak, not only was one food was affected but many. After all, the same machines are used to make all of the various kibbles.

Also, where are the dog food ingredients coming from that go into the manufacturing of these various brands?  During the large Menu Food’s recall which sadly killed many of our beloved pets, the issue was tainted rice being shipped over to the United States from China.  This made many pet owners put their guard up for awhile, but after everything simmered down a bit, we kind of have let those guards down (at least I must admit I have to some extent!)  I now use a food where I can feel comfortable that all ingredients are sourced from local farmers and all are delivered fresh and are not left sitting around for long periods of time. There are pet food manufacturers which have never had a recall, have upstanding reputations and are small family operated businesses that have not yet sold out to the corporate world.  We just have to do our research and find them!

So in closing, I would urge pet owners to just take that little bit of extra time to delve a bit into not only the ingredients in that bag of treats or food, but in where they are being made.  You just may be surprised at what you find!

 ”Thank You Carol Morrow for submitting this great article!!!!”

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