Nutritious Foods: A Dogs’s Delight

The ability to purchase nutritious foods for your dog seems to be getting slimmer with each dog food recall and company buyout that is taking place so frequently these days. To top it off, manufacturers are changing ingredients as often as people change their shoes.  What’s really sad is if a manufacturer changes ingredients, they have six months to list the new ingredients on the bag. By then, you went to the vet how many times? And spent how much money trying to find out the reason your dog now has diarrhea? That law is outrageous and needs to be changed. We as consumers, deserve to know what is in our dog’s food today, not six months from now.

The quality of the dog food is also a concern for many consumers. Finding a good dog food, seems to be getting harder and harder. All of the food that you find in grocery stores is pretty low quality food. Dogs are meat eaters and the meat content is just not there. You can normally tell what type of food a dog is eating by looking at their coats. Most of them will have dull coats and dry, flaky skin. If you take a dog with a coat like that and change to a nutritious food, you should see a 100% change in their coats in a fairly short time. Also, most of those manufacturers use fish meal preserved with ethoxyquin which conveniently does not have to be listed on the bag.  

The larger chain pet shops have a couple foods that would be considered acceptable. If you are lucky enough to have a good feed store or a smaller pet shop in your area, they are probably the safer bet to find a better quality food. But I would highly advise that you research the food before you buy it. If you have questions, the manufacturer should be able to answer them. Whether they answer them honestly or not, is another story. 

I recommend going to  It is very easy site to navigate and has great in depth reviews of hundreds of dry dog foods. When my oldest dog developed allergies, I spent hours on this site reading ingredients and reviews.

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