Housebreak Your Puppy In Record Time

Think like a dog and use the following tips to housebreak your puppy in record time. Understanding how your puppy thinks is the best aid for training.

Puppy’s bladders are very small and they are not fully developed. This makes it very hard for a puppy not to pee frequently. Add that to the fact they don’t understand exactly where it is they are supposed to pee, and you could end up with a wet floor (or worse) quite often! The key to housebreak your puppy is to take a very young puppy out every 1/2 hour to 45 minutes during waking hours. Also, right after your puppy eats and as soon as he wakes up, he will have to go outside.  When they are awake, puppies can only ”hold it” for about an hour for every month old they are. Which means you will be standing outside pretty often the first couple months. But in the long run, this is all well worth it!

When you take your puppy outside to pee, resist the urge to play with him right away. Instead, think of a word or two “make pee-pee” or something to the that nature and use it until your puppy pees. As soon as he pees, then it’s party time! A small treat works well along with pretending you are so excited and play with him for a few minutes. Even if it is 3 AM in the morning, play with him outside before you come in. The worse thing you can do is treat your pup and bring him right inside after he pees. He begins to associate peeing with a treat and “the fun is over” and starts holding his pee when he is outside. Instead, it is better for him to associate peeing with a treat and then playing when he “goes”.  I believe this is where a lot of folks make a mistake and they end up standing outside a lot longer then they really have to. Or, the puppy won’t pee when he is outside but pees as soon as he comes inside.

When your pup is inside, it is really important to watch for signs that he has to pee. Sniffing around, turning in circles, smelling the floor or walking over to a quiet spot. If he happens to start to pee when he is inside, pick him up while he’s peeing, take him outside and wait until he finishes. Try not to scare him or yell at him if he pees inside, they really do train very quickly if you are diligent about taking them outside. Peeing should a positive experience for your puppy as it makes training much easier. If he gets scared or yelled out, there is a good possibility that he will start sneaking off to pee so he does not get in trouble and he could also wind up being fearful or timid.

If you have a place on your floor where your pup has had an accident and have not already done so, there are products available to neutralize any remaining smell. You can purchase them at any pet shop and it’s a good idea to use one of them so your pup does not seek out his “spot” in the house.

These first few months will pass very quickly and your puppy will grow very fast, enjoy the puppy stage while you can! It will pay off as you will have a dedicated friend for years to come.

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