The health of your ”best friend” is one of the most important factors when it comes to dog ownership. As everyone knows, a healthy dog is a happy dog. Sometimes, even if the owner does everything right, the inevitable happens and your dog ends up with a health problem. Some of these problems are beyond anyone’s control and veterinarian treatment is required. But sometimes, owners can  intercept and treat their dogs on their own.

Under the health topic in my blog, there are various articles describing techniques to ”self treat” your dog in the hopes that they will help you find a solution for your dog’s health problem. If you use any of my treatments and they do not seem to be working or if your dog does not improve, I highly recommend that you seek veterinarian assistance.

I am not a veterinarian and am speaking from the knowledge I have from years of dog ownership and extensive research I have done on the species. But, every dog is different and every dog’s system is different. I am a dog lover and basically just felt the need to say if your dog requires vet care, please don’t self treat with with the aid of this website or any other website. To do so, could jeopardize your dogs health.

My goal is to put forth information that has worked for me in the past, with the hope that it will also work for you. I can’t stress enough that if your dog needs vet care, please take him to a vet A.S.A.P.

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