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Puppy Mill: Force Them Out Of Business

The only sure fire way to force puppy mill breeders out of business is if the public refuses to buy their puppies and forces them to close. With the watered down laws that many states have enacted, I really see no other … Continue reading

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Canine Vaccinations: Why So Many?

Canine vaccinations are another heated topic these days as our dogs are injected with more vaccines then ever, some with dire consequences.  What vaccinations does my dog need?  Do I listen to my vet?  Do I do my research and make an informed decision?  … Continue reading

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Food Allergies

If you are reading this article, you are probably pulling your hair out right about now trying to figure out what to do about your dog’s food allergies. One of my labs has food allergies, so I know what you are going through. It … Continue reading

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Owning A Dog With Allergies

If you own a dog with allergies, it can be quite frustrating for you and very uncomfortable for your dog. As they scratch, bite, lick and destroy their coats and skin completely. Hot spots begin to appear, their coats begin … Continue reading

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Housebreak Your Puppy In Record Time

Think like a dog and use the following tips to housebreak your puppy in record time. Understanding how your puppy thinks is the best aid for training. Puppy’s bladders are very small and they are not fully developed. This makes it very hard for a puppy not to … Continue reading

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