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Canine Teeth And Tennis Balls

 Tennis balls, the most popular ball on the market for dogs can wreak havoc on your dog’s canine teeth. The outer shell of the tennis ball is abrasive in itself, let alone after it collects dirt from rolling on the ground. … Continue reading

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Buying A Puppy? Remember Health Clearances!

The best advice I can give anyone buying a puppy is to remember to obtain copies of health clearances for both parents. The more health clearances the parents have, the better chance you have of purchasing a healthy puppy. The cost might be … Continue reading

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Spay Or Neuter: When?

At some point, just about every pup owner finds themselves facing the question of whether or not to spay or neuter their pup. Then comes the decision of when. I think this is one of the most discussed and fought over topics there … Continue reading

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Not Just About Dog Food Ingredients Anymore

In my many years of dog ownership, I’m always amazed at the knowledge there is to stumble upon, not only about dog food ingredients, but the species as a whole and the industry that surrounds them.  Statistics show that even during  the worst … Continue reading

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Ethoxyquin: Pesticide In Your Dog’s Food?

One of the deep, dark secrets of many dog food manufacturers is using fish meal preserved with ethoxyquin, a pesticide your dog’s food. They do not have to list it as an ingredient on their dog food bags because they are only required to … Continue reading

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