About Me

My name is Helen Thompson and I would like to welcome all dog lovers and share the reason this blog is in existence today. As far back as I can remember, I have always believed I cared for my dogs better then I cared for myself. Imagine my horror, when I learned the commercial dog food I was feeding my dogs contributed to poor coats, allergies, hot spots, and just overall poor health in general.

As I began my research journey, I realized that not only poor quality food, but also over vaccinating, early spay/neutering and basically most of what I was led to believe was in the best interest of my dogs, was simply not true.

Along my journey, I also found that there are a lot of dog owners that were led to believe the same thing I was. My hope is that together we can all become more knowledgeable and in the end become better dog owners. Our dogs will love us for it!!!



2 Responses to About Me

  1. Pat says:

    Great Job Helen. What are you planning to do with your dogs durring the up comming hurricane?

  2. Helen Thompson says:

    I have no idea! The only thing I’m sure of is what ever I do, the dogs and bird are doing it with me. I didn’t even know a storm was coming until someone sent me a text last night, I’ve been so wrapped up in this website. LOL. The smart thing would have been to write some articles and then put up a site, but I did it in reverse. LOL. Glad you like the site!